Connect your localhost with the rest of your teammate and the world


This section assumes you already used Onboardbase CLI in your project, check the installation


You'll need a web server running on your machine. It should be available at http://localhost:[any port]. If you don't have one running, you can use Python SimpleHTTPServer to set one up.

Run python3 -m http.server from inside your project directory. This will start a web server on port 8000 and It will be available at http://localhost:8000

Onboardbase Tunnels helps to connect local servers with the rest of the world without worrying about DNS issues or server configurations.

This is also useful when you have strict compliance about hosting an application in a public place and you don't want to worry about setting up firewalls.


This command creates a tunnel for a localhost port/server

onboardbase tunnels:create -p [PORT] -s [SUBDOMAIN_NAME]


  • -p, --port: An open localhost port on the host machine
  • -o, --open: If you would love to open the live URL in a browser.
  • -s, --subdomain: The name of the subdomain to use for the public URL. e.g -s base would give you base.[tunnels.onboardbase.com]


onboardbase tunnels:create -p 8000 -s betatest

Here's an extensive guide