Secret management overview

How to manage app secrets securely and effectively.

This is an overview of how Onboardbase helps startups create secure devops workflows to protect their secrets and data.

Secrets represent sensitive environment variables you need to protect at all costs―passwords, API keys, tokens, etc. But the reality is that most businesses aren't ready:

  • Data breaches caused by stolen credentials are alarmingly common and take months to notice.
  • Phishing attacks account for 37% of all cyberattacks.
  • Many cyber attacks succeed due to simple human errors that could have been prevented with proper preparation and awareness.

If you're reading this doc page, you're already aware this is a big problem for startups that usually require huge investments to get right. Onboardbase addresses all the challenges involved in secret management:

The only thing Onboardbase doesn't take care of (yet) is secret generation. You only need to generate secrets from third-party services and add them to your Onboardbase project.

What’s Next