Manage environment for a project from the CLI

With Onboardbase CLI, it is easier to create and manage a project environment directly using an authenticated CLI


This command creates an environment under a project.

onboardbase environment:create -e [ENVIRONMENT NAME] -p [PROJECT NAME] --file-path [json]


  • -e, --environment: The name of the new environment
  • -p, --project: The name of the project under which the environment is created
  • --file-path: This is should be a path to a valid JSON file to upload your env
  • --duplicate-from: This can be passed to the command to specify which environment you’ll like to duplicate secrets from into the new environment you’re creating


Using the --file-path

onboardbase environment:create -e production -p demo --file-path "./test.json" 

Using the --duplicate-from

onboardbase environment:create --duplicate-from "development" -e production -p demo 

Using both --duplicate-from and --file-path

onboardbase environment:create --duplicate-from "development" -e production -p demo --file-path "./test.json" 


Note: In case of duplicates when passing both flags, the CLI prioritizes the contents of file-path than that of duplicate-from because having a different VALUE for a KEY locally means you’d like to override the one on Onboardbase.