Control how Onboardbase CLI interacts with your project's secrets

When you run the onboardbase setup command and select an organization, a project, and an environment, an .onboardbase.yaml is created for you in the current directory.

This is a local configuration file with the value you specified in the setup process:

  project: frontend-marketing
  environment: development
  prefix: REACT_APP
    - DATABASE_URL: 2314
  	- SSH: |
        -----END OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----
  • project: The Onboardbase project associated with the current scope/directory.
  • environment: The local environment.
  • prefix (optional): Appends a special string to the beginning of every secret coming from Onboardbase. This is useful if a project requires that secrets start with a particular string. For example, a React application can have a prefix REACT_APP to make integrations of secrets convenient for a team.
  • secrets (optional): This variable is useful for local development when it doesn't make sense to define the variable in Onboardbase or when you want to temporarily overwrite an existing one.
    • local: This is a key-value pair of a project secret. Use it to override the secrets coming from the Onboardbase server. For example, if your project has DATABASE_PORT to be 27017, but your local development port is different, you can specify the secret in this section to override what value is coming from Onboardbase.

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