Control how Onboardbase CLI interacts with your project's secrets

Onboardbase has some configurations for ease of use. It accounts for your needs based on how your team works.

What you will learn to customize

  • .onboardbase.yaml - A setup configuration file that can exist at the root of a project.


When you run the onboardbase setup command and select an organization, a project, and an environment, an .onboardbase.yaml is created for you in the current directory.

This is a local configuration file with the value you specified in the setup process.

Aside from using the setup command to create it - which we believe is the most convenient, you can explicitly create the file to bypass the setup process.

For ease of use, Onboardbase uses configuration to set up a machine for the project.
Below are the values stored in a config file:

  • project: The Onboardbase project is associated with the current scope/directory.
  • environment: The name of one of the environments in a project.
  • prefix: Append a special string to the beginning of every secret coming from Onboardbase. This is useful if a project requires that secrets start with a particular string. For example, a React application can have a prefix, REACT_APP, to make integrations of secrets convenient for a team.
  • secrets: This section is useful during the development of a project. You can use this section to specify the local environment values and recommendations that are yet to be accepted:
    • local: This is a key-value pair of a project secret. Use this section as an override to the secrets coming from the Onboardbase server. For example, if on Onboardbase, your project has DATABASE_PORT to be 27017, but your local development port is different, you can specify the secret in this section to override what value is coming from Onboardbase.

A complete .onboardbase.yaml setup file

  project: frontend-marketing
  environment: development
  prefix: REACT_APP
    - DATABASE_URL: 2314
  	- SSH: |
        -----END OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----

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