Developer tools

Onboardbase is built for developers, first and foremost. We provide a set of tools to help you manage your secrets and credentials in a secure and efficient way:

  • CLI - a command-line interface to manage your secrets from your terminal
  • SDKs - a set of SDKs to integrate Onboardbase with your favorite programming languages
  • API - a REST API to integrate Onboardbase with your applications
  • Webhooks - a set of webhooks to monitor your secrets in real-time
  • OSS tools - a set of open-source tools to help solve common dev security problems





OSS tools

  • Secure log - Open source secure console logging experience. Detects and prevents leaking secrets and API tokens into your logs.
  • Disposable - Share sensitive information securely and quickly with end-to-end encryption and automatic deletion.
  • global-env - Dynamically evaluate environment variables at runtime.
  • startkit - CLI tool for generating boilerplates projects with Onboardbase secret infrastructure pre-configured.