Whitelisting IP Addresses

You can whitelist IP address that are allowed to access your Onboardbase Projects

Onboardbase allows you to whitelist IP addresses from which your projects can be accessed. When you add IP address(es) to the whitelist, access to your Onboardbase project will be restricted to those IP addresses only.

Please note that only the owner of a project can initiate a transfer and IP Whitelisting is only available to you if you are on the Enterprise plan.

Adding IP Addresses to the Whitelist

You can edit the Whitelist for a particular project from the project dashboard. You need to click on the project settings button on the top right below the profile section.

Once the drop-down opens, click on Trusted IPs, this will open up a modal where you can provide a list of IPs or a CIDR range of IPs, separated by a comma, to whitelist:

After providing your input, click on Save to effect the change.