Learn how to publish your Railway variables to Onboardbase.



This section assumes you already used Onboardbase CLI in your project, check the installation and setup sections.



  • You have Railway CLI installed
  • You have your project deployed with environment variables on Railway
  • You have your Railway project Token

Add Environment Variables

To integrate with Onboardbase, you must have environment variables in your project on Railway. If you don't, you can add some before running the integration.

Generate Token

To successfully run the integration using Onboardbase CLI, you need to generate a token on Railway.

Run Integration

onboardbase integrations:railway --token RAILWAY_TOKEN

After successfully running the integration, head to your dashboard on Onboardbase. You will find your environment variables which were on Railway.

Available commands

$ onboardbase integrations:railway --help
Railway Integration

  $ onboardbase integrations:railway

  -T, --token=token              (required)
  -e, --environment=environment  name of environment to update
  -h, --help                     show CLI help
  -p, --project=project          name of project to upload secrets



You have now integrated Railway into your Onboardbase project.