Setup Onboardbase to manage Railway Projects variables via the Onboardbase web platform

With our Railway Integration, you can manage Railway Projects environment variables from Onboardbase. We will walk you through how to do that in this guide.

We assume you have an existing project setup on Railway. You will need to create an API token on Railway for this integration. From the Railway dashboard, go to Account Settings > Tokens. Follow the prompt to create a new API Token. Copy the value of the generated token.

Navigate to the Onboardbase Project you want to integrate with, on the project page, click on the Integrations tab:

On the integrations page, click Add Integration then search for railway in the search bar:

When you click on Add you will be prompted to provide the necessary information needed to complete the integration:

First, you select an Onboardbase environment to sync with Railway, then you provide the API Token from Railway. We will attempt to verify the token, and if that succeeds, we will list out the projects you have on Railway.

After selecting a Railway project, you then select an environment on Railway to push the secrets on Onboardbase to.

After providing all of this information click on Proceed to complete the integration:

When the integration is complete, the secrets in your Onboardbase environment will be pushed to Railway.

If you navigate to the project details of the Railway Project, you will find the secrets from Onboardbase uploaded to the Shared Variables list.

Note: The integration is a one-way integration from Onboardbase to Railway. Updates (adding new secrets or deleting existing ones) from Onboardbase will be propagated to Railway only.