Get and set Onboardbase CLI configuration



You could use service tokens against device tokens to authenticate your CLI. Check the Service Tokens section to generate one.



You can authenticate the CLI with Environment variables.
Supported environment variables are:

  • ONBOARDBASE_TOKEN - A service token
  • ONBOARDBASE_PROJECT - an onboardbase project name
  • ONBOARDBASE_ENVIRONMENT - an environment in the specified project

Aside from creating an .onboardbase.yaml file and solely relying on text editors to update the file. Onboardbase CLI also supports a config command that updates and retrieves configuration values.

Update config value

To update a config value, use

onboardbase config:set [config] [value]

For example, the command below updates the config api-host and sets a password for your scope

onboardbase config:set --api-host

Supported configuration

Below is a list of supported config values. Use them with either update config command to read any of their values

Config NameFlag OptionShort Flag Option
API Host--api-host-A
Dashboard Host--dashboard-host-D

Get tokens

Use the config:get-tokens to retrieve all the authentication tokens generated for a computer.

onboardbase config:set-token [TOKEN]


  • --scope: Sets token for a specific scope, a cwd value can be passed to use the current directory path e.g --scope="{cwd}" . Defaults to /


onboardbase config:set-token [TOKEN] --scope "/home/ubuntu/app"