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Learn how fast it is to integrate Onboardbase! It only takes 5 minutes to read, and another 5 minutes to install on your machine.


Welcome to Onboardbase!

At Onboardbase, we remove the need for env files, hardcoded secrets, and copy-pasted credentials to make your life as a developer much easier.

In this documentation, you’ll find everything you need to integrate our service into your development processes successfully, no matter your tech stack or preferred framework.

What is Onboardbase?

Onboardbase is an all-in-one SecretOps infrastructure for securing environment configs/secret credentials across all stages, from development to production. It's designed for modern dev teams in collaborative environments with rapidly changing requirements.

As you'll read in this doc, our CLI or SDK provides easy access to secrets from local development to production in every development stage. Our dashboard makes it easy for teams to manage app configurations for any application or platform centrally.

How does Onboardbase work?

It takes less than 5 minutes to add Onboardbase to any project:

  1. Install the CLI or Use the SDK
  2. Run the init command
  3. Run your project using Onboardbase's run command
  4. Invite teammates (optional)

Other Resources

  • Have a look at our FAQ you might find your questions answered there.
  • Check out our Blog and watch tutorials on YouTube.
  • Join our Community for updates and share your thoughts.
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