Learn how to install the Onboardbase CLI for all environments, from local development through to production.

The Onboardbase CLI provides access to your secrets in every environment, from local development, CI/CD, staging, and production. It is a lightweight binary available for almost every operating system and package manager, including docker.

Downloading and installing Node.js and npm

Install via NPM / YARN (Recommended)

# Install
npm i -g @onboardbase/cli@latest

# Uninstall
npm uninstall -g  @onboardbase/cli
# Install
yarn global add @onboardbase/cli@latest

# Uninstall
yarn remove global  @onboardbase/cli


# Install
brew install onboardbase/brew/onboardbase

# Update
brew upgrade onboardbase

# Uninstall
brew remove onboardbase


Only for amd architecture at the moment, use npm if you have other arch.

# Add onboardbase singing keys as trusted
wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -

# Add onboardbase to your local repository
sudo touch /etc/apt/sources.list.d/onboardbase.list
echo 'deb obb main' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/onboardbase.list

# Update the source list
apt-get upgrade onboardbase

# Install Onboardbase 
apt-get -y install onboardbase

# Version
onboardbase -version
# Download the .deb file.
sudo wget

# Give the .deb file executable permission
sudo chmod +x onboardbase.deb

# Install with dpkg tool
$ sudo dpkg -i ./onboardbase.deb
# From your terminal run:
(curl -Ls --tlsv1.2 --proto "=https" --retry 3 || wget -t 3 -qO- | sh -s --


# Add Onboardbase's scoop repo
scoop bucket add onboardbase

# Install latest Onboardbase CLI
scoop install onboardbase

# Update
scoop upgrade onboardbase

# Uninstall
scoop uninstall onboardbase

Also, you can make use of our windows installer option by downloading the appropriate installer for your Windows installation:

Verify installation

You can verify that your Onboardbase CLI was successfully installed by checking the version.

onboardbase --version

Update to latest release

You can also upgrade your Onboardbase CLI to the latest version at any time.

onboardbase update

Now you are ready to set up for your local development 🙌🏽