Adding a new integration


CI Server

Some CI servers may have an error stating ENOENT ps, add sudo apt-get -y install procps to your CI script to resolve.

As we expand our integrations, this guide would illustrate how to use Onboardbase in an environment not yet documented in the integration guidelines.

There are three ways to integrate Onboardbase into any cloud environment, and all depend on the access level available to the environment in question.

Onboardbase CLI

For environments with CLI access, it is recommended to use Onboardbase CLI, which could be installed from here. Once the installation is done, proceed to set up to have your Onboardbase secrets injected into your environment.


Onboardbase supports pushing and synchronizing your secrets to cloud platforms directly from the app.
All that is required is to log on to your Onboardbase account as an admin, click on a project, then on the integrations tab, and click on a cloud provider to begin the process.


Onboardbase SDKs and libraries are suitable when there is access to a codebase. Once the library is installed and the setup file has been included in the root of the project, secrets are auto-injected directly into the code at runtime.

Please refer to our SDK guides on the list of growing supported SDKs.


For a scenario where you do not have CLI access, and we are yet to support your cloud environment, you could still access your secrets via Onboardbase APIs.

You can integrate Onboardbase into any environment by making HTTP GET requests, which would return encrypted secrets and could be decrypted using one of our decryption libraries.

Local Development

This process takes away the need to install or set up Onboardbase CLI.

To setup run the below command from your cloud dev server, Replace:

  • ONBOARDBASE_TOKEN: With a service token from Onboardbase. Alternatively, you can authenticate via the CLI using theonboardbase login command.
  • ONBOARDBASE_PROJECT: With the name of the Onboardbase project.
  • ONBOARDBASE_ENVIRONMENT: With the environment name from the Onboardbase project.

Exit the current terminal session and restart a new one.

Run printenv to see all the variables available and notice that the secrets from Onboardbase have been pulled already into the session.

Check out cloud environments for more ways to use Onboardbase.