Share secrets stored in your local .onboardbase file

While developing as an agile team, so much secret sharing is often done on the team's communication channel.

While this looks fast and easy, it also means that some secrets are exposed to third-party applications, which are often not encrypted.

To solve this, Onboardbase CLI has a share command, which shares data from your local onboardbase.yaml file to a teammate in the same organization.



Please ensure that you have gone through the onboardbase setup command before using this command.


The teammate to share with must be running the run command to have the shared secrets automatically injected into their build and their local .onboardbase.yaml file updated


We will be using the Onboardbase setup from out the guide on Setting Up a NodeJs Server as an example. To follow along, you need Onboardbase setup on your project and you must have local secrets.

Here is an updated onboardbase.yaml file with local secrets for example:

  project: simple-express-server
  environment: development
  start_script: yarn start
    DEFAULT_EMAIL: [email protected]
    PORT: 3031

From the project directory run:

onboardbase share

This will show you a list of local secret(s) and you can select one:

After selecting a local secret to share, you will be prompted the list of teammates you have with their emails, select one to share the secret with them:

After selecting the teammate to share with, Onboardbase will send an email notification to them about the secret shared. Their .onboardbase.yaml file is also updated, and their build restarted.