Secure Build

After setting up your Onboardbase CLI and adding authentication, anyone on your machine can do onboardbase run printenv -p PROJECT -e ENV and they would be able to see all of the environment variables.

For some use cases, it could be beneficial security-wise to have a lock against the onboardbase run command, which would prompt the user for a password they can use to authorize their request.

Setup a password for the current authentication

Via Login:.

onboardbase login --password YOUR_PASSWORD

Via Service Token.

onboardbase config:set --token $SERVICE_TOKEN --password $YOUR_PASSWORD

Authenticating the run command

Once the password has been set, the subsequent run command would ask for a password for authentication.

Interactive Mode

onboardbase run -c "env"
> sessionPassword: #input your session password 

Enter the password provided when authenticating your Onboardbase CLI to continue

Silent Mode

Pass the --password flag to run the build command silently without input prompt interruption.

 onboardbase run -c "env" --password="MY_SECURE_PASSWORD"

Login requests are required only once for every session in the interactive mode. Passwords are always required when using the silent mode.