In this guide, we will discuss how to setup a Remix project, that uses Onboardbase to manage its secrets(environment variables)


This section assumes you already have a project set up in Onboardbase Dashboard. If you don't, please create an account and get started!

Setting up Remix

Setup a remix project with npm by running the following command

npx create-remix --template remix-run/indie-stack blog-tutorial

Running the remix project

Create a .onboardbase.yaml file in your project root and populate it as shown below

api_key: "****ANCAME3CFKJG******"
passcode: "TEST_PASSCODE"
  project: "test-project"
  environment: "development"

Install the onboardbase SDK by running the following commands

npm install @onboardbase/secrets


yarn add @onboardbase/secrets

in your remix project, import the onboardbase SDK and fetch the secrets as such

import {Secrets} from "@onboardbase/secrets"

    (secrets) => {
  ).catch((err) => console.log(err))

Build the application with npm run build and yarn start, and Onboardbase will populate the application with the required environment variables.