Integrate Onboardbase into Docker

Using Onboardbase with Docker.

Use cases:

  • Protect secrets in your Docker image
  • Easily define environment variables for your Docker image
  • Easily create new Docker images for different environments

1. Dockerfile

FROM node:12.18.1

WORKDIR /project

COPY package.json package.json
COPY package-lock.json package-lock.json

RUN npm install

COPY . .

CMD [ "npm", "run", "start" ]

2. Building the image

sudo docker build --tag node-docker .

3. Running the image

docker run node-docker

With an environment variable:

docker run -e MY_SECRET="$STRIPE_SK" node-docker

Problem: the environment variable is hardcoded in the docker command.

4. Onboardbase run

We use the Onboardbase CLI to inject secrets at runtime:

onboardbase run -c 'sudo docker run -e MY_SECRET="$
STRIPE_SK" node-docker' -p "my project" -e "development"

The -p option makes it easy to use the same image in different project and the -e option allows devops engineers to quickly roll out apps in different environments.

5. Using Docker Compose

If you use Docker Compose, just put the environment variable in the compose file:


Docker Compose will automatically fetch the environment variables from the environment set by Onboardbase:

onboardbase run -c "docker compose up" -p "my project" -e "development"