Merge Request (Formerly Recommendation)

Request a merge and manage secret recommendations using CLI

While working as a team, teammates have secrets they have worked with and would like to add to an environment. They can make a merge request that an admin will merge


This command creates a new recommendation for a new secret under a project.


The name of the secrets to recommend should be a KEY=VALUE string separated by space.

For example to delete KEY_ONE=SECRET_ONE, and KEY_TWO=SECRET_TWO for a project, the [SECRETS] argument would look like: KEY_ONE=SECRET_ONE KEY_TWO=SECRET_TWO

onboardbase recommendation:create -p [PROJECT NAME] -e [ENVIRONMENT] -n [RECOMMENDATION NOTE] [SECRETS]

For example:

onboardbase recommendation:create -p Marketing -n testing "KEY_ONE=SECRET_ONE KEY_TWO=SECRET_TWO"

The above command will create a CLI interactive session requesting the environment you want to create the recommendation for, the secret's name, and its value.


  • -p, --project: The project under which the recommendation is created.
  • -n, --note: The attached note for the recommendation.
  • -e, --environment: The environment under which the recommendation is created.