Learn how to decrypt Onboardbase secrets coming directly into a Python environment

To decrypt secrets from Onboardbase in a python environment, you have to install cryptojsaesdecrypt from pip:

pip install cryptojsaesdecrypt

Then use a secret and a passcode generated from the API section in your Onboardbase account settings. To read more about authentication, Click here

The code below decrypts the secret into a valid JSON string which could be converted to a python object and the key-value accessed from it.

from aesdecrypt import decryptCipher
from json import loads

# Ciphers and Passphrase
crytojs_cipher_text = ""
crytojs_passphrase = "".encode()

# Decrypt the cipher
decrypted = decryptCipher(crytojs_cipher_text, crytojs_passphrase)

# Convert the unencrypted valid JSON data to JSON objects
json_data = loads(json_data)
# print(json_data)