Learn how to decrypt Onboardbase secrets coming directly into a Golang environment

Install CryptoJSAESDecrypt via Ruby Gems

go get github.com/Onboardbase/go-cryptojs-aes-decrypt/decrypt

Fetch Your Secrets From Onboardbase Public API

Refer to this API resource on how you can retrieve your secrets from Onboardbase. Your response should contain an array of secrets you have created as seen below

    "status": "success",
    "message": "Secret successfully fetched",
    "data": {
        "project": "my-project",
        "environment": "development",
        "secrets": [
           "your secret",

Your secrets are encoded using AES-CBC (Cypher Block Chaining) cryptographic algorithm. To decode these secrets, you will need your API KEY passcode. A passcode is an alphanumeric value that you provided when generating your API KEY from your Onboardbase account settings.

To read more about authentication, Click here

package main

import (

     aesdecrypt "github.com/Onboardbase/go-cryptojs-aes-decrypt/decrypt"

func main () {
    cipher := "your secret"
    // The passphrase that generated the cipher above
    passphrase := "passcode"
    decrypted := aesdecrypt.Run(cipher, passphrase)
    // fmt.Println(decrypted)
    // Outputs -> '{"id":"0a09a9e1-eee2-4a8e-bf77-901be943621c","key":"WHAT","value":"IS_THIS_NAH","comment":"","addedBy":{"name":"Aleem Isiaka","id":"a3748a40-3ab8-4dd1-bac6-e73c1047c95f"},"addedDate":"April 22, 2022 | 20:09 GMT","method":""}'