Changelog For July 2022

šŸŽ‡ New

  • onboardbase secrets:fetch this command retrieves secrets from the command line based on the name checkout here.
  • Multi-Region: switch between onboardbase cloud regions [ AWs, GCP, DO and default Onboardbase].
  • Compare The feature helps you compare different environments that contain secret configs/credentials to know more checkout here.
  • IP Restriction: Project access can now be restricted to certain IP address
  • secure build feature to the onboardbase run command. onboardbase config:set && onboardbase login now accepts a new flags --password , read more here.
  • password flag for onboardbase run command onboardbase run "env" --password="MY_SECURE_PASSWORD"
  • environment flag for onboardbase recommendation:create command. E.g onboardbase recommendation:create --project="your project" --environment="your environment" --note="reason for update"

šŸ›  Fixes

  • Fixed the originalTitle bug on the setup command.
  • redesigned / developed the onboardbase scan command checkout here.

šŸ”Š Changes

  • Added more secret prefixes to our scan database.

āŒ Removed

  • Logging server errors