Changelog For April 2022

πŸŽ‡ New

  • remotely deleting codebase has been tested and works fine on macOS, testing for Linux is going

πŸ”Š Changes

  • onboardbase update command for Linux & MacOS
  • onboardbase setup command now displays only projects & environments you have access to
  • Errors are more contextual
  • During the interactive command creation process, the project list will be shown or the command will be added to default project
  • During the non-interactive command creation process, the project name is passed (if no project name is passed command is added to default) and that is either created or added to the project with said name
  • auto fallback deletion from the cache
  • Environments now accept default envs (passing default JSON file to the environment)
  • Setup command now only shows the environment a user has access to
  • environment:create command now uses --file-path flag instead of --path which should be a path to a valid JSON file
  • environment:create now support duplicating from an existing environment. that is --duplicate-from flag can be passed to the command to specify which environment you’ll like to duplicate secrets from into the new environment you’re creating
  • environment:create command supports passing both the --file-path flag and --duplicate- from flag in a single request. Once it notices that both is passed, it merges the ENV together and uploads the contents of both to Onboardbase.

❌ Removed

  • onboardbase startup command has been removed, onboardbase services are auto-installed the first time you run any command on the CLI