Vercel from Marketplace

Learn how to integrate Onboardbase from the Vercel marketplace



  • A project on Vercel using environment variables for configuration
  • An Onboardbase account with a project setup.

Integrate Onboardbase from the Vercel marketplace

This article teaches you how to integrate Onboardbase from the Vercel marketplace into your Vercel projects. First, you must log in to your Vercel and Onboardbase accounts.

Step 1 - Browse Marketplace

On the integrations tab of your Vercel dashboard, click on browse marketplace and search for Onboardbase. You will then be redirected to a page where you can add the integration.

Step 2 - Add Integration

When you click on add integrations, a modal pops up, select the Vercel account you want to add the integrations into and follow the subsequent instructions, most of which are self-explanatory.

You can also choose to add specific projects instead of all the projects.

The moment you select the projects, you will see the below image. Please ensure you don’t close the tabs, or your setup will fail.

Simultaneously, a new tab will be opened automatically on your browser. The new tab should look like the one below.

Step 3 - Link Vercel projects with your Onboardbase project

On the new tab, select the Vercel project you want to link to your Onboardbase project on the Vercel project dropdown section.

Then select an existing project or create a new one with the dropdown section.

If you select an existing project, you will be presented with a view to linking your Onboardbase environments to your Vercel project environments.

Then click the complete button, and your project will be integrated into Vercel.



You have successfully integrated Onboardbase from the Vercel marketplace in 3 steups