Registration 🙌

Register and create your first Onboardbase project and environment.

Register on Onboardbase

To begin with, if you don't have an Onboardbase account, please create one here.

Enter your full name, organization name, and email address, then click Continue with Email. A confirmation mail will be sent to the email address. Click on the link to continue to Onboardbase dashboard.

Create your first project and environment

After creating an account and from the dashboard, click on New button at the left sidebar.

Enter the name and description of the project, select the Environment Variables for this process, then click on Create.

After the project has been created, a new form will appear to create your first secret. Enter the Key and Value for the secret, then click on the Save button.

Create environments

By default, a new project has a development environment, but a project can have different environment secrets, like staging and production. Onboardbase supports this multi-environment setup.

From a project page, click on the development environment dropdown, enter the name of the new environment in the popup that appears, and select an environment to use as a base for the new environment - the secret from this environment would be copied over to the new environment.

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