Onboardbase Github Action

This is a pre-built Onboardbase github action

This action retrieves secrets from Onboardbase for use in a GitHub Action Workflow


apikey : Your Onboardbase API key
passcode : The passcode for the API key
project : The project to fetch secrets from
environment : The environment to fetch secrets from


- name: Fetch secrets
    id: fetch-secrets
    uses: Onboardbase/[email protected]
        apikey: ${{secrets.ONBOARBBASE_APIKEY}}
        passcode: ${{secrets.ONBOARBBASE_PASSCODE}}
        project: ${{secrets.ONBOARBBASE_PROJECT}}
        environment: ${{secrets.ONBOARBBASE_ENVIRONMENT}}

- name: Use secrets
    run: "echo 'The secret value is: ${{ steps.fetch-secrets.outputs.<SECRET_KEY> }}'"