Use Onboardbase in your Kubernetes environment.



You can authenticate the CLI with Environment variables.
Supported environment variables are:

  • ONBOARDBASE_TOKEN - A service token
  • ONBOARDBASE_PROJECT - an onboardbase project name
  • ONBOARDBASE_ENVIRONMENT - an environment in the specified project

Onboardbase can generate secrets that work in a Kubernetes environment. This is possible using the Onboardbase secrets --docker command.

kubectl create secret generic onboardbase-env-vars --from-env-file <(onboardbase secrets --docker)

View the generated secrets with:

kubectl describe secret onboardbase-env-vars

Next, create a Pod that will use the generated secret (onboardbase-env-vars) to create an environment variable for every key defined in the secret's data using the below spec (onboardbase-env-vars-pod.yaml):

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: onboardbase-env-vars
  restartPolicy: Never
    - name: onboardbase-env-vars
      image: ubuntu
      args: ["printenv"] # start command here
      # Populates every key in the secret as an env var
        - secretRef:
            name: onboardbase-env-vars

Finally, create a pod from the specification:

kubectl apply -f onboardbase-env-vars-pod.yaml

Confirm that the secrets were printed with:

kubectl logs onboardbase-env-vars